I have made so many diffrent layouts, some I used and some I didnt.=)

I thought I would put them up here for download if someone is interested, instead of keeping them unused on in my computer.

There're only a few yet, I'm preparing the others :)


You can download these layouts for free! The only thing I ask from you is to give a link to Designwell on the design. It's allready there so just keep it as it is:)


Feel free to add your sitename on them.

If you want a custum made webdesign/layout please contact me

Als u een eigen webdesign/layout wilt hebben, mailt u me dan

download set

Pear (transform)

Designwell - June-Sept. 2006

This layout is based on a doll I made for a generated contest. It suppose to be a pear transform in a human or the other way arround :) I've used this layout at my own site in July 2006.

This design is made with tables, DIVS, using a separate css file.



download set


Designwell - November 2007 - January 2008


download set


This layout just came out after a boring moment :) I had no inspiration to pixel, so I was just playing with PSP.

This design is made with tables and Iframe.

January 2008



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