Contest entries

Design Seeds #6 2nd place
Lilly and the bleu bird 1nd place and people's choice
The Hurly Burly Extravaganza Pageant! 1nd place
The Hurly Burly Extravaganza Pageant! 1nd place
Parfume bottles 2nd place
Line art Kaly palette
Nina base edit cutest
A Night on the Moore 2nd place
FF Spring Buggy Ball Contest 1st place, 2nd place
Pretties, pets and purses 1st place, best shading, best hair
What's your fairy best hairstyle
Diva Toys 1st place, best shading
Tea doll contest 2nd place
  2nd place, best shading,Ellie's choice
Coca Cola Vintage poster 1st place
Line-art Blossom 2nd place + Best hair
Fire Fairy 1st place, best shading, Princess Mahou choice
Weightlessness 1st place
Framboise Base edit: 2nd place + Best shading
EE Fruit Festival 1st place
Luna Lovegood: 2nd place 
Random Theme contest: 3rd place + Morena's choice
Three Columns: Best Hair 
Miss Winter Wonderland: 2nd runner up + 2nd Casual Wear
Nai's Lineart 2: 6st place  + Nai's choice
Sosoyé base edit 2nd place
Dream of doll 2nd, Best dress,Best hair
Fairy Godmother FF 1st place
EE Halloween Ball 2nd place
Mae base edit 5th place
Harvest Ball Gown (FF) 3rd place (grouppicture)
W.I.T.C.H. 1st Will, 1st Irma,2nd Taranee, 2nd Cornelia,2nd Haylin
EE Cave Contest 1st place
Rapunzel 3rd place
Inspired by C.M. Barker 1st place
Inspired by the fish 2nd place
EE Generated Contest 3rd place
Floral Contest People's choice
Dark Faery: 2nd place + people's choice
Inspired by the art of Selina Fench : Best Shading + Kay's choice
Warrior Queen : 1st place
Mermaid's tail : 3rd place + Best shading
Tiara & Dress : Best shading
Amy Brown : 2nd place
Romantic Evening : 3nd place
Mother Earth : 4nd place
Beautiful in Brown : Best detail
Pepsi : 3nd place
Horse Base edit : 1st place
Air : 3rd place + Best outfit
Disney Jasmine : 1st place
Create a gown : Best shading and detail
Inspired by the picture : 1st place
Animal dress up : 2nd place
Paperdoll : Original
Earth Element : 3rd place + Best shading
Valentine's dolls : Best dress
Eve of Eve picture challenge : 1st place
Picture the picture : 1st place
Valentine Sweet Heart : 2nd place + Best Shading + Peoples choice
Winter Sports : 1st place
Disney Princess : 3rd place
Winter Fairy : 1st place
Doll with pet : Best hair
Women of the Wild West : 2nd place
It Sparkles : 1st place + Heather's choice
Cinderella : 1st place + Best clothes + Best detail
Basically Blue : 4th place
Queen of the Catwalk : 1st place
Black and White : Best dress
Miss America 2004 : 1st Runner up Washington+Washington DC
Miss America 2004 : Miss Vermont 2004
Autumn Doll : 1st place
Goldie's Fairy : 3rd place+Auntie Jo's choice  + Best hair
White : 3rd place Best overall+Most fit for the theme
Alice in wonderland : 1st place


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