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This tutorial is written for PSP 8 but can easily done in PSP 7 or any other paintprogram.

- Paint Shop Pro - CLICK HERE
- File with catbase - CLICK HERE
- File with colorpalette - CLICK HERE (Right mousebutton and Save as..)

Step 1

Open the file with the catbase and promote your underground layer to layer and remove the white/rose surrounding the cat and my text ©

Magnify to 400%, so you can see each square = 1 pixel.
We're going to fill in our cat, as you can see in the pictures below. You may open the colorpalette that I used, but of course you may also use the colors you want. It's your cat! Make a new layer for each color so you can easily make changes later.

Step 2

Fill with color 1 the grey schadows and with color 2 the lightbrown/yellow lines.

Step 3
Now fill in the different colors. Make a new layer for each color. See my example, you may follow it, but wouldn't it be nice to make your own?  I used the colors 3, 2 and 4.

When you are satified, change the color of the grey outerline in the a slight darker color then that is 'under' the line (see left picture below). I used colors 5 and 6 and draw with black (3) and brown (7) the muzzlehairs and paw nails.

Step 4
Merge all visible layers and here you go, your Pixel Cat is finished!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions or remarks, or if you would like to link this tutorials, don't hesitate to send me an emai! :).

Thanks Carla for checking this tutorial for me!




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